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I’m a network marketer, business coach, and visionary, specializing in helping others develop their true self and create the success much deserved in life. Over the last few years, I have transformed remarkably, from following my heart, leveraging my talents, and becoming a force for empowerment and inspiration in the world. I am a strong woman with a bright, beautiful personality.

On my blog, you will discover how to bring out your true personal development abilities, while empowering yourself to step into your potential as the heart-centered, creative, and unique genius that you truly are born to be. On my blog, you will also get ideas, resources, and training to help you build a successful online brand by contributing to the world. Ensure you subscribe to my blog newsletter to receive additional ideas, resources, and training.


  • To assist people in developing an understanding of their potential and true power, in their personal lives. People have unique gifts to share with the world!
  • My childhood ambition was to save the world. Now, I understand I may not be able to “save the world”, but I can definitely make a difference!
  • Unite entrepreneurs and visionaries together to co-create a new vision for our planet and create more connections.


I was born and raised in the countryside of Southern British Columbia, as the youngest of two children. As a baby, I was already showing how strong and ambitious I was, in my behavior. Going to school was difficult for me because I was shy and got picked on a lot for my vulnerability. At one point, I wished I could just drop out but I knew my education was of most importance. I was consumed with low self-esteem, the fear of rejection, and the fear of not being loved. I silenced myself from the rest of the world. As I grew older, I became more social and started to break free from my shell. When I went off to the UOIT/Durham College Institution to study law in the area of a Court and Tribunal Agent, I was forced to break free from myself completely and start over with my life. I had to stand up in large crowds, overcome my shyness, and speak. I had to really transform and I am truly happy I had to overcome all of my fears. I was finding my true sense of self and this is what helped me to personally grow. Looking back on my life, I see clearly now that I felt the “pains of humanity”.

As time continues on, I strive to make awareness to the issues affecting our planet today.  Join me in my path to making a difference by visiting my online community, “The Truth Zone”, on Facebook, and connect with me on my public figure page at: http://www.facebook.com/stacyzahn.

I hope we will keep in touch!

– Stacy Zahn


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