Privacy Policy

Rather than copying and pasting screeds of endlessly boring legal jargon here, I will just spell out my privacy policy in plain English.

I will never collect personal information from you without your consent. I will only get access to your name, e-mail address, and web site (optional), if you choose to provide it to me through the following:

  • Opting-in to one of my mailing lists;
  • Writing a comment on my blog; and/or,
  • Sending me an e-mail.

Every mailing list e-mail is double-opt-in. This means that in order for you to receive e-mails from me, you must click a confirmation link, in the first e-mail you receive. This protects you in the situation where someone may have entered your e-mail without your consent.  If you receive an unwanted e-mail from me that is asking you to confirm your subscription, simply ignore it. Please do not mark me as spam. I will never manually add an e-mail address to my mailing list.

If you decide not to receive any more e-mails, there is a link at the bottom of every e-mail that you can click to unsubscribe. You will then not receive any more e-mails. If there is a problem, please contact me immediately.

I collect information on visitor browsing activity, with Google Analytics; however, this does not disclose any person’s personal information. I am only shown which pages are visited, the search terms that were used to access my web site, and other generic information.

Linking Policy

One method webmasters (including myself) use to make money from their web sites is to promote products, eBooks, or services.

I will only recommend my own products or those than I personally have used and benefited from.

It has come to my attention that other web sites are linking to my blog and misleading their viewers by saying I am associated with their web sites. Unless I specifically link to another web site myself, I am not associated with the web sites in question.

– Stacy Zahn

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