What’s The Meaning Of Your Life Script?

Thu, Mar 21, 2013

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What’s The Meaning Of Your Life Script?

Ever wondered what the meaning of your life script is?

According to cognitive psychology, each of us has a life script or schema, whether we are aware of it or not. What exactly is a life script though? I would describe it as another way of describing the meaning we attribute to the events that happen in our lives. Your life script can interpret an event in a number of different ways. It’s individual to each of us.


Psychologists believe that our life scripts are usually created in childhood.

Having an understanding of our life scripts can help us to see how it might influence our thoughts, which in turn influence our actions and outcomes.

It’s kind of like “The Secret”, where you attract outcomes in the universe, through your mental thought processes.


To uncover your life script, explore patterns in your life, such as whether there are destructive themes. Here are some common examples of these themes:


‘People always leave me.’

Sometimes, we have a natural fear that we will be left alone, even if it doesn’t fully occur to us. We have affiliation needs. Humans need to associate with other humans, at one point or another, or they will encounter psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. I’m not saying there’s people (and you may be one of them) that love to be alone (I am one of them), but I would go crazy if I didn’t have people to talk to, laugh with, and just have fun with.

Could this be you?

• Do you test people’s love for you, by initiating arguments?

• Do you get jealous easily, when you see other people that you know having fun, and you weren’t invited?


‘I don’t think I can do this.’

The belief that we are somehow inferior or defective can take a toll. It is so common for people to let negativity overrule positivity. It’s sometimes easier for people to put themselves down than to encourage themselves. Believing in yourself is one very powerful action and you should focus on this… every day if you have to. Failure to believe in ourselves actually may cause us to become overly sensitive to criticism or comparison, and we may take any perceived rejection as confirmation of our failings.

Could this be you?

• Do you self-sabotage yourself, by creating excuses?

• Do you often avoid competitive situations, such as starting a home-based business, because you fear the competition is too big or that you will fail and people will say they told you so?

How can you overcome this? Sometimes, it’s tough for us to admit our struggles or concerns, but we have to remind ourselves that sometimes it’s for the better to get help. It doesn’t show weakness for us to seek guidance.. it shows the opposite. Most successful people did not get to the top all by themselves.



‘Bad things happen to me more than they do to other people.’

This life script theme may result in the vulnerability to things such as physical health conditions. Often characterised by excessive worry and strong feelings of helplessness, this type of thinking can cause you to believe you’re not meant to have happiness, fortune, and success. It is hard to reverse this thinking process, but it can be done, with regular positive thinking.

Could this be you?

• Do you find it easy to worry about bad outcomes?

• Are you regularly overly cautious and/or protective of situations?


‘I deserve this.’

This life script is the belief that we are in some way superior to other people and that we are therefore entitled to more, such as winning a contest. This may also lead to the assertion that we should be allowed to do whatever we want, when we want, having a lack of empathy for others.

• Do you put yourself into someone else’s situation and wonder what he/she is going through?

Oftentimes, it’s a good thing to think highly of ourselves, but it’s not healthy when we put other people below us, believing they don’t need, deserve, or want something we want really badly. Think of life as a fair game and try to play by the rules, so no one ends up getting hurt. When you can, allow others to participate. It’s like when Zig Ziglar said, when you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on your life script (or life scripts in general).

– Stacy Zahn

© 2013, Stacy Zahn. All rights reserved.

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  1. gina Says:

    Loved your psycho-analytical blog.

  2. Stacy Zahn Says:

    Thanks, Gina, for taking the time to read my blog!

  3. Sharla Says:

    Stacy, following you on Twitter which brought me to your website. I have perused several of your articles, Scooped, Liked, Pinned and Shared. Found them most interesting with tremendous insight. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Stacy Zahn Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sharla! It truly means a lot to me, being so passionate as to getting this sort of information out there to the world. Hope you have an awesome day!

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