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Fee Structure

Service Description Fee Structure
Personal Development and Recovery (Trauma) Coaching Coaching for individuals seeking personal development and self-improvement, including goal setting, motivation, self-love, and healthy self-awareness.

Coaching for individuals seeking trauma recovery coaching. Trauma doesn’t have to be a road you take alone! Personal and professional background and experience. Includes but not limited to loss of loved ones, miscarriage, bodily assault, childhood trauma, concussion/brain injury trauma, vehicle collision trauma.

$115/hour, per client
Group rates: To be discussed
Business Consulting Providing expert advice and recommendations on business issues, including strategy, operations, and management. $150 – $300 per hour, per client/team, depending on the complexity.
A two (2) hour minimum session is recommended.
Business Media Management Managing social media accounts; Marketing campaigns; Autoresponder E-mail campaigns; Photography; Content creation and/or editing. $500 – $2,000+ per month, depending on the project and complexity.
Finance/Accounting Services Providing personal and/or corporate financial consulting services. Personal rates: Starting at $70 per hour
Business rates: Starting at $150 per hour. Depends on complexity.
Design Services Consultation, design, and development. Includes Business Cards, Promotional media, and commercial use artwork. $50 – $3,000+, depending on the project and complexity.
Legal Please note that I am a former corporate Paralegal and not an attorney. I have resources for highly skilled attorneys in the Vancouver BC and Toronto ON areas should you require legal services. I can only offer basic legal guidance. To be discussed
Gemology Services Gemology field services; consulting, content writing, and editing. To be discussed. $60 per hour base rate

Please note that I reserve the right to change my services and fees at any time without notice. Ongoing clients’ fee structure will not be affected.

See What Others Have To Say!
For privacy reasons and the sensitive nature of this work, management and company names have been removed.

“I worked with Stacy and I’m happy with the results. She was easy to work with, listened to my goals and concerns, and then provided action steps. Stacy has the ability to come up with creative ideas to take a business to the next level. She will challenge you to think bigger so that you will become more confident about the future of your business. I recommend having Stacy on your team.”

“Overall I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking to improve their business. She focuses on personal growth and business growth as they compliment one another. She is professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about helping her clients succeed.”

“Working with Stacy was a pleasure. She provided useful insights and practical advice that ultimately helped me make important decisions on a failing business. I appreciate her straightforward approach and the ability to explain concepts in a simple manner.”

“We are happy with the decision to work with Ms. Stacy Zahn, after careful consideration. She has a positive outlook on achieving the boldest of goals. Her guidance was invaluable and we have made progress since working together. She starts from the basic foundations and works up to the more complex matters and obstacles. Her background in corporate law as a paralegal was also useful to the team. We loved her easy-going personality!”

“Stacy’s approach to mindfulness coaching is definitely memorable. She focuses on issues but lets you still lead the way. I was able to pin point and stop bad habits and understand personal goals more.”